Welcome Message

Welcome Message

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am honored to announce that the 2022 International Conference of Manufacturing Technology Engineers (ICMTE 2022) will be held at KINTEX in Goyang, South Korea.

The ICMTE 2022 aims to facilitate interaction between engineers in mechanical design, computer-aided engineering (CAE), manufacturing, robotics, and automation, with their wide linkage to nanotechnology, sustainable manufacturing, and other cutting-edge areas.

Industry 4.0 transformed the overall manufacturing paradigm. The demand for innovative manufacturing technologies is more vital than ever in line with emerging fields of technology, including metaverse and self-driving vehicles. Breakthroughs have been made in all areas of manufacturing, such as smart manufacturing, digital machining, robotics, smart sensors, 3D printing, and digital twins, and we have indeed witnessed that such key technologies can improve the competitive edge of the manufacturing industry. To deliver continued growth and progress in our community, it is essential to disseminate the knowledge and experience and, more importantly, to foster the younger generation of manufacturing engineers. Jointly organized with the Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show (SIMTOS) for the first time, we believe the ICMTE 2022 will offer the perfect venue to network and to learn about cutting-edge technologies and be a gateway to digital manufacturing.

Located 20 minutes north of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Goyang is one of Seoul셲 largest satellite cities. It is best known for the annual international flower festival and has Asia’s biggest artificial lake park. With the national representative broadcasting station and beautiful neighborhoods presented in famous TV shows and movies, the city may have attractions for those interested in Korean pop culture and entertainment. We hope you will have a great time in Goyang.

Thank you.

Conference Chair

Shinill Kang
President of the KSMTE
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University